Top 3 reasons to partner with LOOP:

We will share with you the top reasons why becoming an LOOP reseller partner is the right decision to make.

1. Build Recurring Revenue Streams

LOOP allow client to build up their training content into the system, track their staff performance. Expanding the content builds up and includes new areas of training and mastery. This will keep your clients coming back for more.

2. Extend your service offerings

Let us help you to expand your offers! LOOP allows integration with 3rd party solutions, pair up your solution with LOOP to offer to your clients an integrated solution. Some integration we support are training management solution / booking system / attendance / compliance training solution and much more.

LOOP also has the capability to integrate to your client's system. Your business can be listed in LOOP reseller page that is searchable to all potential clients to help you attract more business and make connections

3. Affordable and Scalable

We offer price plan based on number of users, your potential customer can start small and you can grow with them.

Ways to Partner with LOOP

Value Added Reseller Technology partner
Establish recurring revenue stream by promoting and implementing LOOP Integrate your technology and tools with LOOP

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