LOOP Solutions specifically to designed to address your pain points

In this fast-paced developing digital landscape, many companies are seeking to gain a competitive advantage to grow and become an industry leader.

Are you looking to stand out from the competition or simply looking for ways to boost productivity? Is employee onboarding and development getting difficult to manage as your company grows? With LOOP, an effective one-stop learning management system service provider, look to address all your pain points with our variety of solutions.



Remember the days we all had as students? We often want to learn as much knowledge and skills from the instructors of our various institutions. More education institutions are looking towards building learning management system (LMS) for themselves to create this productive and effective learning experience. However, schools often lack the resources and capabilities. You will need a trusted and experience service provider to help you build up this learning ecosystem together.

LOOP take away your pain of building an LMS from scratch and provides you with a plethora of resources for your instructors to create and manage their courses for their students. Whether your institution is a polytechnic, vocational training school, institute of Higher Learning (IHL) or universities, LOOP is fully tailored to your every need. With LOOP, your LMS system will be up and running in no time for your learners.​

Do you want to help your employees reach their fullest potential in the workplace? Your employees need your support and expertise to guide them. However, we understand that it is very much a hassle to identify and track the competency gaps of all your employees to make sure everyone is equipped with the right skillset to work effectively.

With LOOP, you can establish an effective and robust employee training plan with our On-the-Job training feature and Learning plan creation. You can enjoy the comfort of managing your employees’ learning progress from a single webpage to help them upskill and work effectively. Your employees can learn at their pace and upload their progress for you to assess. Through LOOP, we can work together towards your goal where employees are able to constantly upskill and position your company to gain competitive advantage.

OJT - On-The-Job Training

On-The-Job Training (OJT)

Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training

Remember the thrills of entering a new job, wanting to be poised for success? New hires often need to have the knowledge and skills to integrate into the new workplace, whether working remotely or in an office. You can develop a robust and effective onboarding plan to better nurture your new talents.

However, effective onboarding trainings plans must remain updated and consistent to ensure new employees are well equipped to succeed at the start. LOOP can not only help you save on training time and lower your training costs, but still create an effective and robust employee onboarding experience to welcome your new member into their organization. With LOOP, you can better position your employees to successfully onboard into your organization.

Are your employees up to date with the current trends? A good understanding of the current trends can shed valuable insight on outdated techniques and new hiring practices to consider and important practices that you should be using too. However, to achieve that, you will need consistent, updated and effective training to equip your employees with the knowledge and context to improve clientele and build repeat business.

LOOP supports sales training regardless of the size or type of your organization as you can create and develop customized sales training programs. With LOOP, your company can ensure that your sales teams reach their full selling potential to fulfil the clients’ needs and wants.

Sales Training

Sales Training

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

With the many different roles in a company, do you find it more difficult to manage and adhere to compliance training? Companies are looking to incorporate effective compliance training for their employees as effective training walks employees through examples of how issues of ethics and compliance apply to their roles in the workplace, giving them the guidance to handle different situations.

LOOP is there to help you, as it is fully equipped with the tools you need for compliance training in your company. With its 3 steps course creation, LOOP provides you with a simple yet effective course creation suite for all teams to deliver all types of corporate training from a single platform. With LOOP, your company has all the right tools to provide effective compliance training.

Do you finding yourself using your mobile devices more these days? It is not a surprise with the growing popularity of mobile device use. More specifically, mobile e-learning continues to experience a growing popularity among the younger growing workforce. If your company is looking to stay updated and in trend to better facilitate learning for their companies.

LOOP not only can provide you with learning on the web, but also on mobile with its mobile app support for courses and LOOP’s Mobile App. With LOOP, you can effectively create content to deliver training across many devices. Your employees can also complete their courses at their own convenience. With mobile devices support, LOOP helps companies like you to stay relevant with the changing mediums for learning, with a seamless learning experience through both web and mobile.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Specialized E-Learning Courses

Specialized E-learning Course

Want to learn a specific new skill or domain of knowledge but don’t know which courses are suitable? Want to quickly add on courses that complement and improves your learning experience? Many people want to learn different skills and knowledge that complement each other in tandem, so that they can quickly apply their knowledge learnt from one course to another.​

For example, if you are a businessman who wants to take courses on effective leadership, you probably should be interested in taking courses on building effective workplace communication as well. If you are looking to expand your technical skill set in Web Development, you probably should take courses in Web Design in tandem as well.​

With LOOP, we have specialized E-learning courses for you to solve that. We offer many various bundles of courses with different areas of focus and specialization catered to what you need. All you have to do is a simple click and you have a bunch of courses specially curated for what you want to learn.​

Through LOOP, we provide you with the right solutions to better position you to succeed. Take your first step with LOOP and we will forge the way forward together.